Is mobile marketing so efficient?

I came across this application, drinkinvite, which has the honesty to tell you how many users they have and how many used their product: 3200 user and 3100 drinks. Let’s do the maths. Is Pernod-Ricard’s marketing department so wise, or so wisely advised by their agency?

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A mobile application of this kind should cost from 5,000 to 10,000 euros.

You need a commercial force to visit and contract the -so far 200- bars participating in the drinkinvite scheme. Applying some averaging here and there, I think it is fair to count a price of 5,000 euros for the price of the commercial force deployed so far.

Oh! And there is some Facebook page to support the application. For this, Let’s assume that Pernod Richard is also paying their agency. The work done on these pages must have cost around 10.000 euros with the copywriting and the creation of ad-hoc visuals for each post…

It might seem expensive to pay an extra euro to invite a friend for a drink via an application. But the price is nothing compared to the investment made by the beverage company which, so far, amounts to an average of 8 euros per drink shared! when the margin, on each drink, must be in the range of eurocents for the distributor…

Bar joke

This DrinkInvite reminds me of a joke which I like to share with my Czech friends (you can adapt the location and the nationality of the drinker to your own town, situation, travel, friend abroad…), here the drink is a Ballantine’s to make myself forgiven by Pernod-Ricard for being so harsh on their advertising, but again, you should tailor the joke to your favorite or national drink…

It’s this French guy. He comes to this bar in Prague and orders:
– dve Ballantinky prosim [two whiskies, please]

The barman sees he’s alone and thinks he speaks bad Czech and allows himself to correct his client:
– myslite dvojitou wisku, ne? [you mean a double scotch?]
– ne, ne, dve Ballantinky, prosim…

The scene repeats every day. After work, the French guys stops by, orders two whiskies, drinks, pays and leaves.

After some times, he does not even need to order. As soon as he sees him, the barman serves him his two Ballantine’s.

– Out of curiosity, could you tell me why you order two whiskies? I mean, a double is slightly cheaper and has the same amount of alcohol.

In a broken Czech, the Frenchman replies:

– I have this best friend in Paris. We used to drink together after work. Now we still do. I drink here. He drinks there. One drink for me. One drink for him. He too. This is why I need two glasses and not a double.

“A cool story. A true friendship”, thinks the barman.

One evening, he’s about to bring the two scotches when his French customer changes the order:

– Only one drink, prosim…

Assuming that the worse happened to this cool and true-to-his-friend customer, the barman empathizes:

– Did something happened to your friend? Or the friendship ended?
– Oh no!… Don’t worry. It’s only me… I stopped drinking!

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